Welcome to my world!!! My writings, musings, and commentaries on life in the country and life in general can be found here. We have moved from suburban suffocation to rural freedom, and have been learning as we go, for the past 10 months!

I am new to “blogdom” also – so this, too, will be a work in progress!!

So, bear with me, pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or a beer, and take a few minutes to relax in my world!

Only 10 days into the month, and never a dull moment. At the crack of early, the sound of the wind roaring past the house had me wide awake. At 6am, the beep of the phone let me know the power was about to go out!! Thank goodness, my husband had our new generator ready to go- and it clicked on right away. Just in case, altho I would rather sleep in, I opted to get my shower over with, in case the generator failed!!! With 2 heating systems in our new home, not everything is connected to the generator. The stove doesn’t work, but the microwave and refrigerator do! Some electrical outlets work, and some do not! The computer works – yay!! But each time the power tries to come back on, the generator goes off, and so does the computer!!!

Two of the dogs are wrestling under my feet as I type, the two older ones wisely chose to remain under cover in bed, and the wind is still whistling by the windows!! It’s only 40 degrees right now, but the weatherman says it will be going down into the 20’s tonite, with wind chills much lower! There were snow flakes sailing by the window a little while ago on a horizontal slant.

We have only gone thru half of our wood supply so far, I think we will make it to spring. We are also half way thru our hay bales for the horses, and I am pretty sure we will have some left over!! Pretty good for amateur “farmers”!! I counted and calculated, and recalculated the amount of hay bales, the amount of silage the big boys should consume, the amount of days til spring, the amount of flakes in each bale, until I was satisfied that they would not starve on our watch!!! After years of being boarded and having the majority of their care left to others, the first year of having the horses home with us, has been both wonderful and nervewracking!!!

I will end my first actual blog post here – I am afraid the electricity will flicker and I will lose everything to cyberspace! I have to get out to the barn and refill the water trough – if the temps dip tonite like the weatherman promises, the pump in the barn will probably freeze. That has happened once already- and we were unprepared. Had to run a hose in the house, fill the huge plastic water barrel in the bucket of the tractor, and take it over to the barn and fill the  100 gallon water trough!

Thanks for visiting!!! More tomorrow, weather and electricity permitting!!!