When Katie and I ventured out to go to the supermarket and run some errands,  it was a little blustery, but a beautiful day. We kind of blew across the parking lot, coming out of the store. If we had stood on the shopping carts and opened our jackets like sails- we could have blown all the way home!!! Driving home was a challenge!

The winds fought with the van, and it was like an obstacle course with all the downed tree limbs and branches everywhere. Most of the debris was pieces of limbs, having been crushed by vehicles that came before us. Along the way, mini tornados of leaves swept circles around us. We got almost home, when we caught a tree limb in the undercarriage of the car, near the engine. I could just picture it being like a giant matchstick, dragging along the road. We stopped once to try to dislodge it, the wind almost took the door off the car as I got out. I was not about to crawl under the car, so we took our chances and drove the rest of the way home, and managed to lose the limb on the gravel drive!

As we continue down the drive, Katie screams”Mom, look!!” and I see all my vintage watering cans flying on a gale of wind across the front porch and down into the field!! They were followed closely by my bark cloth cushions, and the 3 tiered plant stand!!! I jumped out of the car to gather everything up – and had to drag everything else in the house. I’m sure it was hysterical to anyone watching, when the rattan chairs came to life in the wind and slammed me from behind. I swear those winds were approaching 60 mph!!!

I could not drag the plant stand in, it was too heavy, so I turned it on its side on the  porch and left it there. About 15 minutes later, Larry came in to tell me he saw it fly off the porch and break up in the field!! I forgot to check on my cute little birdbath- hope that survived!

We went to open the garage door to bring in the groceries, and the gales of wind blew thru the house and started slamming the ceiling trap door in the laundry room up and down.

There was a freight train roar out past the barn, and I scanned the skies for the telltale signs of a tornado – but fortunately – there was nothing!!! That was VERY scary tho!

So, we had  the garage door only open half way, just enough for us to crawl under with the groceries. To say it was a bad hair day, would be an understatement!

Poor Allie was so frightened by the sound of the winds- her doggie door was flapping in the breeze, and she acted like she was afraid the wind would blow her across the kitchen floor, so she half crawled to the stairs and took cover in the safety of my bedroom!!

Katie and I took refuge on the couch and watched movies, til it was time to feed the horses (who, by the way, also thought staying inside in the barn was a good idea!!!)

I should have known, when the neighbor named his farm Windy Hills, that there was a reason he did so!!

Well, our electricity came back on after 3 or 4 hours, the woodstove is now stoked and burning,  Larry got my garden plot bush hogged, the winds have sort of died down, the pantry is full, and the day is coming to an end. Dinner is on the stove, and another movie is in the vcr. 

All is well, albeit a little windblown, at Mountain Meadows tonite!