I had a great email from a friend this morning about the paths people to choose  in life. You have to choose the path that makes you happy- even if your parents or friends may be nudging you in an entirely different direction.

As  parents, I think we find it hard to agree with that, even tho in our hearts, we know it is right!! 

I know a daughter who chose paths her parents definitely did NOT direct her to. She left home to try to fly on her own, and got her wings all tangled up in the bars of a cage of bad choices. Fortunately, she managed to escape, and flee to the safety of her family nest. Now she is able to fly right, still making her own choices, and choosing her own path.

But aren’t we all like that- we learn from our mistakes, some of us make plenty!!! But when we reach the end of a particular path, and look back, we can see what it took to get there! Some of us choose the road less traveled, some of us choose the well trodden, safe path. But it is our choice to make-sometimes with safety nets and seat belts, sometimes not.

When I look out the window at the fields and forest, I marvel at the path I took to get here. Some of the path, I stubbornly traveled alone in a very circuitous route, sometimes I had help. I wouldn’t be who I am today, without the experiences along that path. Fortunately, my paths all ended where I eventually wanted to be. Not everyone is that lucky.

So, as I trudge out to the barn in the mud and cold rain (reminding myself this IS what I wanted!!:>) ), I am very thankful, as are the horses I am feeding, to be here!