….fooled ya – it’s just a temporary warm front!! But, boy, is it welcome!!!

It’s about 65 degrees and the horses were happy to  have their blankets removed – at least temporarily!. I’m sure that when I go to drag them in for the farrier later, they will be newly coated in mud!!!

The boys are beginning to shed a bit, under their winter blankets, and I’m sure are a little itchy, so what better than a roll in the mud!!! They are still only getting a trim from our wonderful farrier, since we won’t really be riding much for another month. We’ll save the shoes (and the expense) ’til we really need it!

Hunting season should be totally over by the end of March – I have to check the dates to be sure. The occasional gunfire keeps me close to home and out of the woods on horseback. The area that we love to ride, is owned by others who are avid hunters. They don’t like the land disturbed by people who are not hunting. I guess riding thru chases the game away. But, it seems that we are more easily able to approach wildlife when on horseback. The deer and game birds seem more accepting of a human when astride a horse.  When walking a dog, or just walking alone – unless you are really quiet and unobserved, animals take flight when humans approach.

I am not really a fan of hunting -nor a big meat eater, but in these mountains, it is a long standing tradition. Lives here are organized around hunting season. Years ago it was a necessity, done to put meat on the table for the times ahead. Everyone hunts – bear hunting is big around here. Deer season is a major happening – with trophy pictures in the newspaper every week. There is coon hunting,and squirrel- the squirrels out here are huge, compared to their surburban and urban cousins!

We have what I used to call “Bambiland” on our almost 50 acres. We would see does and their fawns all the time, dining in the hay fields, sleeping in the woods, and marking their trails and cut throughs all around our property. 

When hunting season started, our herds were all but decimated!! Now, I see the occasional deer, they are still here, but rarely seen, and not in the numbers of before.

 I guess as spring comes around, the remaining deer, will have their babies, forget about hunting season, and start showing up again. And, hopefully, staying out of my vegetable garden!!!!

 I will be posting bright yellow No Hunting signs along the borders of our property this year. I’m sure that will “endear ” us to the neighbors. But, any deer who stick within our boundaries will be safe, those who leave, as they all do, I am sure, will be fair game. 

Well, the sun is still out, the breeze is carrying the bellowing of the neighbor’s cows into my kitchen. The screech of our resident hawk floats in also.

Time to get off the computer, and coerce the horses into the barn to await the arrival of their “equine pedicure specialist”!

Again, all is well at Mountain Meadows today!!!