I will be the first to admit, my van needs a little cleaning!!When it was brand new – no one was allowed to eat in it, the dogs were not allowed in it uncrated, certainly no one was allowed to smoke in it-neatness counted!!!

Well, 230,000 plus miles later, the only rule still adhered to is- NO smoking in my van!!! Don’t get me wrong – I try to avoid spills, and DO vacuum the van, but now the dogs have their favorite seat ( a clean towel is put down when a human passenger wants to sit there!). For a long time, the van was a rolling tack box – with saddles and gear on a rack in the back- specially made to fit the van. Now, trips to the feed store have the back of my van (seats long removed) filled to the top with bags of Reliance 11 textured horse feed and pine shavings. One friend, who shall remain nameless, laughs at me because my van is always coated with a thin layer (read protective coating) of dust. There is very little reason to go to a car wash, because every time we drive down my lengthy gravel drive, we get a new protective coating!!!

This morning, I was emptying the trash bag in the van and noticed little dark “spots” on the carpet. Upon closer inspection- the little spots are mouse poops!!!! There is a STOWAWAY in my van!!!! I have NO idea how a mouse could get in the van – unless it was in one of the bags from the co-op. But, he (or she) is apparently surviving on what is in the trash bag- Daily Grind decaf and pound cake!

But, we are now in the country, so anything is possible! I will be putting a humane trap in the van, to see if we can catch the little interloper- who will then be set free in my barn. The mice in the barn have a very good life. Every time I feed the horses, I leave a tiny scrap of carrot and apple for the barn mouse colony. I think my “van mouse” will be very happy living with them!!!

I will definitely be inspecting all bags from the co-op that go in my van from now on!!!

Tune in tomorrow for more news from Mountain Meadows!