I have been writing to a friend, via email, since we have moved out to the country. I keep hoping that someday these letters will become a book! Right now it appears, they will only become a blog!!!  Here are some excerpts from those letters:

It is the evening after Friday the 13th, and dusk finds me porch sittin’ and ruminatin’!! The dull hum of the crickets is interrupted by the occasional whir of the tacky flamingo wings (a gift from Mary) powered by the evening breeze. Two flocks of geese in odd numbers, 9 and 13, soar by, announcing their arrival to their night quarters. The peace of night sounds and the sun setting is fractured by the irritating whine of a buzz saw.

When inside, later that evening, the dogs frantically announced an intruder from the bedroom window, their frenzied yapping reverberating off the glass! The first truly antlered buck appeared at the edge of the tree line, by my future garden. He hesitated, not sure if the dogs presented an actual danger or were just new backround noise! When my husband stepped out on the deck for a closer look at his future prey, the deer quietly stepped out of view and disappeared.

There is a young small buck that the neighbor wishes to eliminate- he is smaller than average with crooked antlers. By “eliminating” him, the other two bucks in the area will be able to freely breed with the local does, insuring a healthier bloodline. It is sad, that this little buck cannot continue on, but if they do kill him, I won’t eat him, but did request his crooked antlers!

Discovering the wildlife here is exciting! I took a little detour home one day last May, to see what was down the road. When I came to the church,  I hung a left by the graveyard, and followed a road the neighbors had mentioned led to the National Forest. A little way down, the asphalt turns to gravel, and is about a car and a half wide. I am driving a van! I was only brave enough to go a mile or so down the road- it was raining and I didn’t need to hit a washout in my van – no 4 wheel drive and no cell phone service back there!

I found the nearest “driveway” and turned around. On the way back down, I spotted something in the road- it was a large bird- I stopped, it looked at me and ran up the embankment into the trees. At first I thought it might be a pheasant, but I was pretty sure it was a wild turkey! I was so excited! And, even more exciting, there in the road, was a tiny baby turkey!! I put the van in park, so I wouldn’t run him over- and then he started to struggle to get up the embankment. As far as I could tell, there were no other babies in the road, so I slowly drove away- hopefully, he made it into the woods with his mom! Another instance when I did NOT have my camera with me! It never fails!!

When I came home, I looked up turkeys on the internet- love that computer!- to make sure that what I saw actually was a turkey. It was definitely a turkey- apparently they lay their eggs in April/May, and the babies are born 28 days later. That little guy would have been about the right age. By the fall they weigh 6-8 lbs. The mother hen only has one set of eggs a year. If the eggs or babies are eaten by predators, they will lay another clutch.

At this rate, I will be reduced to eating only fish and vegetables, because all the other things with legs or feathers are too cute to eat!!! Living in the country has been eye opening, for sure!