Something I read recently really struck home. It was about how we are but a link in the chain of life- the chain of life that starts with our predecessors, goes thru us, and continues on thru our descendants and their descendants, and on and on.

In today’s transient society, people can lose their connection to their past, and in the process, lose themselves. Sadly, alot of today’s children may have no connection to a familial past.

What I love about living in the country is the “interconnect” everyone has! Families here have been in the Gap area for generations. Towns are named for local families. Everyone is related to everyone else-be careful what you say about someone- you could be talking to a cousin, brother, or uncle!

I grew up on LI- moved 4 times from birth thru high school- Lynbrook, Franklin Square, Valley Stream, Levittown- with summers in Rhinebeck being the tie that binds!

When I graduated high school, my parents moved 2 more times, before giving up roots totally, and hitting the road in an RV. Since leaving home after high school, I have moved 10 more times. Mountain Meadows is the LAST move!!!

Altho I will never go back, my roots are in NY- from paternal Quaker ancestors who came from England, and an Irish tailor and a Finnish woman (whose family used to cross the border by wagon to work in St. Petersburg, Russia more than 2 centuries ago).

Even tho I am still “the outsider” here in town- and probably still will be 25 years from now!-I enjoy the warmth and connectiveness of rural living.

Roots and a past are important in keeping the links of the chain connected to the future. Our move to the country will hopefully make new roots for future generations, who will hear me talk about my childhood summers in Rhinebeck, while they live their future memories of summers in The Gap.

All is well (and very chilly) at Mountain Meadows tonite………………..