My husband asked me to take a walk – without dogs(!) to check how the river was running. Our rain gauge is broken, and it rained alot last night, I can hear the river from the house. The little “criklet” that runs from the paddocks across the field, under our driveway, and down the dirt road to the river, is an indication that the river is high. “High” is a relative term – high when referring to the mighty Mississippi is not quite the same as high when referring to our little section of the Shoemaker River! Here it means, if you try to walk across to the other side, it will flow over the tops of your boots, and might knock you down if you misstep on a slippery rock !

This was the weekend my husband was supposed to plant the $800 worth of seed for next season’s hay. But the rains and the upcoming weather have put that off again for a few days. So, while he was taking a break from building a room in the basement, I accompanied my husband on a walk to figure out where things will be. 

We have decided on the site where we will put a several acre pond, at the bottom of the property, where the criklets and runoff pass thru on their way to the river. The cherry and apple trees will be on the other side, where we will share the fruit with the deer. 

The old collapsed farm buildings and discarded tires will be removed when the old house is burned. Some of the trees will be thinned, and tiny saplings transplanted to form a new tree line behind the church. The old garden patch will be brought back to life this year, with an ancient lilac bush watching over its progress.

Be fairly new residents here, we are still earning respect. We have discovered the river runs holy here, as it should anywhere. If you are a newcomer, do not try to change anything within or along the river- or you will incur the wrath of those who keep a watchful eye over it! The very trees have eyes! But we hope, the neighbors will approve of what we do with the land, as time goes on.