I went on a solitary march to the river today, following the hoofprints  my daughter and her mount left behind yesterday.  My parade of one was led by chickadees and sparrows crisscrossing my path and clearing the trail ahead. Although nose running chilly, it was very peaceful and quiet, except for the ebullient chirps of my feathered entourage! Their songs (or warnings) had the melodic hum of the fast moving river as backup.

There are tiny signs of spring along the old road- new grasses poking thru, buds on the white lilac, and daffodils now growing wild.

The old house gave up evidence that it has at least one resident to be wary of- a 6 foot black snake. His intact shed skin was artfully wound across the old iron bed. It’s a reminder, if the house is still standing when warm weather arrives, to watch where you step while investigating nooks and crannies!

The woodstove is releasing a welcoming plume into the cold air, drawing me home for lunch. Soup and sandwich in front of the woodstove, with a good book, will make the afternoon complete.

And again, all is well at Mountain Meadows today.