This is the old house mentioned, whose destiny, after 80 plus years of standing by the river, is to become a practice burn for the local fire department. I was hoping to be able to refurbish it, and make it a shop or guest house, but once I took a look inside, I realized, sadly, that would not be possible. Years of neglect, termites, and multiple inhabitants, both woodland and human, have left this little farmhouse without hope.

The first picture shows the bullet holes that let the outside light in thru the walls. No, we do not live in a war zone- my husband and his buddies used targets on the outside of the house for sighting their guns.

The second picture gives insight to days gone by – an upstairs closet, filled with years of vegetables taken from the garden out back. There is even one that still proudly carries a blue ribbon from the Bergton Fair around its neck. The jars now create a faded still life, their real purpose a distant memory.

I will miss looking out my window, and musing about what life must have been like, in that house, when it was young and newly built. But time moves on, and this house’s new purpose in life, is to give the rookie firemen a lesson in the art of putting out the flames.