img_0616.jpg Two hundred acres – peaceful, serene

                                 Serenity jarred by an overhead jet

                                  And encroaching sprawl.

                                  The still of the night

                                   Lit by a full moon.

                                   Hoot of an owl

                                   Yap of a fox

                                   Soothing din of the crickets

                                   Gentle murmur of leaves slow dancing in the breeze

                                   Too often interrupted.

                                   Irritating screech of teens peeling out

                                   Overpowering hum of traffic on yet another “greenway”

                                   Summer scent of honeysuckle and jasmine

                                   Overpowered by diesel and gas fumes

                                   Trapped by the cloud beneath the moon.

                                    What was once Vivaldi to the soul

                                     Is now heavy metal  jarring the peace.

PM 11-27-04