Last summer, we introduced our dogs to the river. One dog in particular, loves to be in the water and will obsessively dig  rocks (til her feet bleed- if we let her!)

On a walk to to river with the dogs one day, my son discovered this turtle. I had seen him before on several occasions- we were sure it was the same one, because of his size and unflappable nature! The turtle “posed” for an inpromptu photo shoot, not seeming to mind having his afternoon meal interrupted!

Sadly, not too long after this , my son discovered “Turtle”s body on the old dirt road near the river’s edge. He was sure someone had purposely killed the turtle. I went down to investigate, wondering who could be so cruel to do something like that to so harmless a soul. But, on further investigation, apparently, the turtle took to the road, in the dark, when, unfortunately, one of the neighbors took a short cut and did not see him when they drove along the road.

We were glad we were able to get him to pose, before he met an untimely end. He will be remembered!