It is an almost full moon, shrouded in a fog, edges softened like gauze draped over a beacon.
A single pair of errant geese rushed across the darkened sky, calling to their flock already nestled in their nightime roost.
The spring peepers were in full chorus, backed up by the occasional bird call, sounding like an evening of goodnights on Walton Mountain.
The wind roars past and I can hear my windows shiver with the force of the gale. The line of scrub pines outside are forced to bend in synchronized submission with each gusty roar.
It is warm, the first day of spring just hours away, and Easter, early this year, just days away.
The more than blustery winds are the fringes of tornadoes that are a few states away. They are bringing in the storms, whose angry clouds are smudging the tree line of the forest. The clouds get caught on the tree tops and it’s hard to tell where the clouds end and the trees begin. We need the rain, and if the spikey tree tops could poke holes in the clouds and release the rain, we’d be happy!
Well, it’s time to rescue the cushions off the porch chairs, before the winds steal them and try to hide them in the woods! I love living with Mother Nature, but I do draw the line at sharing my pillows!
As we anxiously await spring, all is well at Mountain Meadows tonite!