img_2355.jpgSpring IS coming!!! I KNOW it is!!!!!

 I was going through the photos I took last year, and it reminded me of balmy breezes and sunshine! I thought I would share a couple, on this half sunny, half dreary day- to keep your spirits up. More to come in the next blog entry, later today! I do have to move AWAY from the computer and  get something accomplished today, other than  blog, blog, blog!!!!!

img_1929.jpg Not sure how clear this pic will be – I was practicing resizing. Anyway- these are the killdeer eggs, that were laid right on the edge of our gravel driveway -we were supposed to get that driveway finished, and then there were these eggs!! I put orange hazard cones up, so no one would run them over, and the driveway has not been finished yet!!! If the guy doesn’t come soon to complete the work – there will be another killdeer nest in the rocks, and another year will pass with an incomplete driveway!!  The babies safely hatched, by the way. I watched them every day, timed the egg incubation, and they hatched when I was away from the house!!! I came home to find the little minis running down the road, at the end of my driveway! The parents were frantically trying to corral and guide them. Killdeer babies are fully feathered and up and running (literally) soon after hatching. I hope they made it!!

Below, is the parent killdeer pulling the broken wing routine, trying to lure me away from the nest. As time went by, they got used to the car coming and going down the drive and didn’t even mind me stopping to check out the nest and take pictures!