horses-in-pasture.jpgLast night was Easter Sunday- and it was snow flurrying!!!! This morning, our local weatherman let us know that there had been 1 inch of snow in our town.  But the time the sun rose, that one inch was a scant, patchy covering on the grassy areas, but could be seen in the mountains between the leafless trees. And, again, no camera!!! I am going to have to get a 2nd camera to keep in the car for occasions like this!

The temperatures are supposed to drop to 27 degrees tonite, so I still have the caged heater in the horses’ water trough, and they are wearing their blankets.  The strawberry plants I couldn’t resist buying today at the co-op will have to wait a few more days before they get planted!!

On the drive to town, there is a beautiful weeping cherry tree, that rivals any seen in DC, in full, cascading bloom. As we drive along the mountains in our “neighborhood”,  the redbuds are in bloom, and weeping willows have tiny pale green leaves experiencing their first chill.

Mr. Green Jeans is obsessively checking his 30 flowering pear trees, that he planted  last year along our driveway.  All but one have buds, and one day we envision our long drive will be canopied with their white flowers in the spring.

 My magnolia tree was planted by the barn last year also, and promises to one day shade the barn and give me an endless supply of shiny , leathery leaves for wreath making.

We may have enough wood left in the woodpile to make one more fire tonite in the woodstove. A cup of organic English black tea, a good book, and the fire will make a perfect end to the day.

Again, all is well at Mountain Meadows tonite!

PS- if you want to see a better version of “the boys” above – just click on the picture – as you can see, putting pictures on here is still a work in progress!!