img_2417.jpgToday was the most beautiful day in the country!!! Pretty soon, it will be just the right weather for porch sittin’!

The forsythia is starting to bloom, the magnolias have some huge blossoms ready to burst open, and the fields are beginning to have a green hue.

I succumbed and bought strawberry plants the other day – I might be able to get them into the ground soon! I also found some cuttings of pussy willows, in the thrift store! I have 2 bunches in water – and I am hoping they start to root. I would love to have a pussy willow bush again!

I stopped at my favorite tea haunt – Mrs. Hardesty’s Tearoom, and picked up two cute little tins of tea – Buckingham Palace and Raspberry. Guess what I’ll be drinking before bed!!

While walking the dogs, we found some “leftovers” from our resident hawk’s meal. A robin fell prey to him, and apparently a bunny did also. In the paddock, where the hawks hangs out, was a mound of feathers, and further down the fence line, a tiny little cotton tail. Sad, but everyone has to eat………

I believe I even saw some bluebirds flitting in and out of the woods near the barn.

I REALLY need to put that hummingbird feeder outside tomorrow. If this weather keeps up – they will be hanging around looking for sustenance!

Time to check on the horses…..all is well at Mountain Meadows tonite.