The son and I were in the kitchen cooking, and all of sudden we seemed to be inundated by flies!! If there is one thing I can’t abide, it’s flies!! Every living creature has a right to live, and serves a purpose, but I cannot stand flies!!!

We couldn’t figure out where they were coming from, and then noticed that the screen to the french doors was slightly ajar- and covered with flies!!!

We are surrounded by farms, so flies are a natural and unavoidable byproduct. The first warm day, the flies thaw out and are everywhere! I had thought about buying fly eradicator, and had put the supplement in the horses’ feed last year, but it is really futile!

So, we closed the door and began to kill flies! The puppies were the ones who had nosed the screen door open. They have become intrepid fly hunters, and quickly got over their fear of the smack of the fly swatter. They would hunt down the flies for us, and clean up the carcasses off the floor (I know – eeeuuuw!)

We stopped counting after 35- I know it was at least 50 or so, by the time we finished. There are still a few stragglers we missed, but their time will come later!!

I love the old fashioned fly swatter, and Mr. Green Jeans presented me with an electrified tennis racquet shaped swatter. It works really well, but the smell of fried flies is kind of gross! Mr. Green Jeans can kill a fly at 10 paces with a rubber band! The son can kill them with his bare hand -he’s a drummer- great eye-hand coordination!

Tonite, it will be down in the 30’s again- that will slow the fly population down for the night.  Tomorrow they will be back with a vengeance, and the horses will be wearing their fly masks, and we’ll have a new supply of sticky tape for the barn!


                                   BUG SLAYER


Mighty white hunter

T-shirt in hand

Striking down flies

Before they can land.

                                             Winged invaders

                                             Sluggish and slow

                                             All over the ceiling-

                                             They have to GO!!!!!

                                                    PM- 7-05-06