The peonies are bursting thru the debris of last year’s garden, with some little asiatic irises(?) of unknown  origin.




These vivid yellow fields were sooo pretty, but I couldn’t quite figure out what “crop” they were supposed to be! After some questioning, a Mennonite lady told me they were not actually a crop – it was called a “no till” field. Apparently the grass coming up is killed, fading it from green , and eventually turning it this beautiful yellow. The seeds, like corn, are planted among the grass- which is left there to prevent erosion, and keep the seed from washing away in the rain (that we are still waiting for!). The corn grows up, the grass goes away, and a beautiful corn field emerges. A week after I took these pictures, I drove by the fields again, and they have lost their vivid hue, and have turned to brown, creating a changing patchwork of colors in the neatly divided fields of the surrounding farms.




This is the road less traveled…. a shorter, more picturesque route into town, where the mind can wander aimlessly , not unlike the road.