A few days ago, when it was quite chilly, my husband came in from walking the dogs, and approached me with a hand outstretched. Here, take this, he said. I am always leery of accepting unknown items into my hand, but he insisted!

It was an ice cold, perfect, blue robin’s egg. He found it on the path to the old house, how the dogs didn’t crush it (or eat it!), I’ll never know!

It had been windy, so I guess it blew out of the nest, and landed unscathed in the tall, cushioning grass.

I went back a few days later, and found traces of other robin’s eggs, crushed and broken. But, I didn’t see a nest anywhere in the vicinity.

It is a sure sign of spring- I see different birds with nesting material- grasses, chicken feathers, horse hair, and twigs. The starlings are bright beaked at the height of mating season, and males of the species are defending their territory against their own reflections in windows and car rear view mirrors.

But an egg, a perfect sky blue egg, is a sure sign, that spring is again upon us, and life goes on…………

And all is well at Mountain Meadows again tonite.