As I sit with my favorite pottery cup of Buckingham Palace tea, I am remembering Friday’s tea with 2 dear friends at Oatlands.  Altho I prefer my tea in a hand thrown pottery mug, there is something to be said for tea the traditional way, in a delicate china cup, pinky raised, and tiny little treats to tempt the palate and enlarge the waistline!

Tea is making a comeback, slowly edging Starbucks and Daily Grind to the backround- at least in my mind!!! There are tea rooms, children’s tea parties with their American Girl Doll companions, and a proliferation of anything tea related in catalogs, gift shops, and supermarkets. Even tho I LOVE my decaf mocha, tea will always be uppermost in my heart!!

See the next post for more pix from our day at Oatlands Plantation.