One of my favorite childhood memories, was from someone else’s grandmother’s house.

We would spend summers in Rhinebeck, and as a small child, my summertime friend was Joanne. Joanne had the perfect, idyllic life- at least to me, the suburban child, yearning to be a year round country child.

I had my first sleepover ever at Joanne’s, where I saw my first live birth! Joanne’s mom woke us in the middle of the night to watch their dog have puppies!

I recall barebacking in a foggy field, 2 little girls on 1 horse, my friend trying to scare me, telling me this field was an old cemetary full of ghosts!

I remember wandering thru her grandparents’ farm house shortly after her grandmother (whom I’d never met) had died. On the back of the kitchen door, was an old hook filled with worn aprons. I was cautioned not to touch- they were to be left just as her grandmother left them.

That image has remained with me, almost 45 years, and probably started my fascination with aprons.

It was more than just aprons on a door- it was what they represented- love, warmth, hard work, a different way of life. Of course, I didn’t realize that when I was a child. To remain untouched, was to preserve the memory of their grandmother. I hope those aprons came to life again, to be worn by my friend or someone in her family.

That little vignette, stuck in my memory, and aprons have come and gone in my life- an unending fascination! Altho no one in my family ever wore them, I have just been drawn to them. I admired them, created and sold them, and am now collecting them for my own use.

I now have my own rustic hook in the pantry loaded with vintage aprons I have collected since moving to the country. I have “apron fairies” (friend Mary and my mom) who gift me with fabulous apron finds. And, I frequent a local church rummage sale, where the ladies know me only as “the apron lady”. They are sure I must own a tea room- I am always on the lookout for tablecloths and aprons!

It’s time to end this trip down memory lane, slap on an apron, and get to work!