Lily of the Valley is a flower of my childhood. My grandmother’s house was the huge, old white house on the corner, whose many rooms are still vivid in my mind to this day. Grandma loved flowers, but was never much of a gardener. Whatever came up on its own, was her garden!

Along the front of the house were rhododendron, which never impressed me, but, a huge lilac bush outside the back door did! This time every year, that bush was literally covered in the fragrant blooms!

Along the side of this old house, still alive in my dreams, was a narrow garden of mint and lilies of the valley- my 2 favorite scents!

I just recently discovered that the Lily of the Valley is the national flower of Finland. It is no coincidence then, that Finnish blood runs thru my veins! My grandmother’s parents were Finnish born- Kahkonnen was their name. Did grandma inherit the love of the flower from her mother, as I did from her?

My grandfather’s 2 favorite flowers were Black Eyed Susan and Queen Anne’s Lace- at least that is what he told me. These also grew wild, in my grandparents’ country home in Rhinebeck, so again, there was no real “gardening” involved- they were just there!

My homage to my grandfather, in our previous home, was a garden full of  Rudbecki and Queen Anne’s Lace, surrounded by butterfly bushes and 2 huge hydrangeas. I am hungry to recreate that here in our new (and final) home!

I am planning a shade loving garden with hydrangeas and my lilies of the valley carpeting the ground around them. The mint will be limited to large pots until my garden studio is completed. Then, many types of mint will be “released” to grow wild around the perimeter. There is already an established lilac bush on the site, holding fort on the corner of my vegetable garden.

I am of an impatient soul. I can see this garden in my mind’s eye. With minimal funds, a few new plants, and high hopes, I will have to trust in nature that this spring’s labor will result in my dream garden in the springs to come!

All is well, rain saturated, and hopeful, in Mountain Meadows tonite!


“…when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near.”

Mark 13:28