As we end another happy day at Mountain Meadows, the daughter brought the reality of  war into our lives today.

She suffers from the same malady I do- the ever popular ‘money-burns-a-hole-in-the-pocket ‘syndrome!

But today, that disease was applied to a very good cause. It seems that the daughter has several friends who are now in Iraq. No matter what our political opinion of the administration, the politicians, or any war in progress, we do owe it to our armed forces to be supportive in whatever way we can.

Unlike the Viet Nam war, and wars the preceded it, where old fashioned, handwritten paper letters were the only form of contact, now soldiers can have immediate access to their friends thru Myspace and email- in the middle of a desert!  Amazing!!

In this instance, the daughter’s friend sent a plea for items they could really use in a “care” package. The daughter, recent recipient of a tax return, and suffering that hole in the pocket syndrome, spent the day, filling that wish list for her friend. She now has a 17 lb box, that can be sent to Iraq, for less than a dollar a pound, to ease the life of a soldier, and let him know that his friends are thinking of him.

I am putting that address here- there are other men and women in that troop, and I am sure they would appreciate a note from “home” or some goodies like magazines, drinks, packaged treats, handiwipes, etc.

Even if you don’t have a very big pocket, or don’t suffer from the same malady the daughter does, you might want to, in some small way, let some soldiers know you appreciate their sacrifice.

Spc. Christopher J. Lynn

HHC 2-6  INF S-3


APO AE 09308

Cop Carver

All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite, in part, thanks to the bravery of our soldiers the world over.