I was very busy yesterday morning, and didn’t have time to check on my horses til after I got back from the post office. I had checked on them late last night, around 11pm and all was well.

When I came home, my son told me the neighbor had called and said there was a horse in my fields. Not being a horse person, my son didn’t feel the need to go check this out! I bolted out the door and as I neared the barn, there was this beautiful brown and white horse standing near my guys outside the fence!

I got a lead rope, and some grain and approached. The fields are knee deep in grass, and I could see two flattened areas where she apparently slept last night. This mare (I checked), was wearing a halter  and was very sweet. She was not, however, very eager to leave her new found friends! Even with the lead rope, sweet feed, and my cajoling – she was not about to budge!!

So, I had to get my two in their stalls, and then she came running to see where they were. I got her in one of the paddocks, keeping mine in their stalls. My sweet John can be a bit of a bully, and he did NOT want her near HIS stall and food.  Missy, had grain, and water and then I took a ride down the road to see if I could find out where she came from- but to no avail!!!  

In the meantime, my husband called a report into the sheriff’s dept, to find there was a lost horse report filed!  The owners had discovered her missing at about 6am, she was in her paddock at 10 pm last night. They filed the report and had been looking for her ever since. I discovered her at about 12:30. My daughter was disappointed – she was hoping this little mare was an early 21st birthday present! But we knew she had been well taken care of and had an owner somewhere!

Wayward animals just seem to find us, no matter where we have lived!! It is like we have a beacon that summons them to our “pet hotel”! This little mare was no different. It turns out, she got thru her fence last night, apparently spooked by deer, and found her way to us. It was almost a mile from here – I have no idea how she found her way to us. The owner came and identified her, she is a 4 year old pinto palomino with papers, and has lived with her owners for about a year. They was very thankful, and walked Miss Kitty down the road a mile back home. The wife – whose baby this mare really was- had been in Staples, making up “Lost” fliers – when her husband called her to say Little Miss Kitty had been found!! The woman screamed and started crying in the middle of Staples- her baby had been found!! She stopped by later to thank us, and to meet Kitty’s new buddies! I know if my horses had gotten lost – I would be just as distraught! They are our babies – very big babies!!

We exchanged phone numbers – in the event Kitty gets out again (which her owners are making sure will never happen again)- chances are good, she will come back to visit her new found friends!!!

Life in the country is a never ending source of joy and surprise. Each morning brings something different and new. New friends, new animals, new sights and smells- we are loving every minute of it!

Little Miss Kitty is back home, and all is well at Mountain Meadows again today………………………………….