When we first moved out to the country, I started shopping at the little corner grocery for the paper, bread and eggs.  The eggs were local, from free range, happy chickens, and it seemed like a healthy thing to do. Plus, I am supporting the local farmers. The clerk would ask me from time to time, if I’ve ever had a double yolk egg- I never have – in my whole life!!! Eggs purchased in a chain supermarket, will never have a double yolk, so I never had one. I did notice a difference in the quality of the eggs. The local eggs are so much better than the ones from the supermarket. They might still have a little chicken poop on them, or the occasional feather…………! Their shapes and colors are rarely uniform.

Then, one morning, lo and behold, I cracked an egg – and there it was – my FIRST DOUBLE YOLK!!!!

Of course, I took a picture!!!! It was a good day!!!

A couple of weeks have passed since that momentous occasion, and my last 6 cartons of eggs have ALL been double yolked!!! Two dozen eggs literally weigh 2 pounds!!! I love it!! My urban son, was sure that the chickens were on steroids – why else would they have these kind of huge eggs??!!

I checked around, and it seems that young chickens have a tendency to lay double yolked eggs. If anyone out there has a clue as to why this happens – please let me know!!!But, for now, I am enjoying my brown shelled, ovoid wonders!!!