There is nothing prettier than the sky at dusk, especially when the clouds diffuse the setting sun’s rays.

Rain was imminent, the air was heavy, a slight, ghostly mist was rising from the paddocks. The horses were peacefully grazing, the obnoxious fly onslaught of the day easing up as evening approached.

The geese flew over, heading toward their night roosting spot, and swallows, swifts, and bats became the evening’s aerial acrobatic show as they darted about in search of their evening meals.

The few early lightning bugs flashed sporadically in the distance, and mourning doves cooed from the safety of their hiding spots in the junipers. If you were really quiet, you could actually hear the river as it rushed by, the ONLY thing that was in a hurry on this lazy, hazy summer night!

The hounds start their evening chorus, sending word to all the neighboring farms that they take their night watchman jobs very seriously!

The deer cautiously venture out into the open- the draw of the freshly mown hay  is too much to resist. They are ever alert, their white tails in constant motion, in case they need to use them to  warn of danger and propel them back into the safety of the woods. Soon, they will have babies in tow, tiny spotted mirror images of themselves.

The cows join in the evening serenade, with an occasional bellow, that sounds more heartrending than joyous!

After a final check on the barn – gates closed, stall guards up, feed barrel covered, lights out, and barn door latched, it’s time to meander down the shale strewn path back to the house.


All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite………………………..