I’ve been working on my garden for some time now. Rather, the husband has been working on it – setting the posts, running the wire, building the fence, installing my vintage wire gate, and getting the hinges on it to move again!  It is 100′ by 40′ – probably a little overly ambitious for the first time out!!

We “decorated” the wire fencing with fanciful aluminum pie plates, both vintage and new, hubcaps, and all things shiny and loud, to deter any  critters who might want to come and snack  on my veggies!  We are embracing our newly rural selves! The fence is solar powered electric, altho we have yet to turn it on. It seems, so far, all that we have done, has worked to keep out all but the birds! The birds immediately moved into the new little bird house and keep my garden free of bugs.

 But, at some point, after all that work, we will have to turn on the electric fence. Hopefully, I’ll remember, when that time comes – because the husband says, if I touch the wire, it will feel like I got hit with a baseball bat!

The amazing thing about it all, is watching things grow. How a tiny dot of a seed, can hold within itself, all that life! A seed has the ability to open its it ‘shell’ and sprout forth greenery and fruit to feed, needing only the warmth of the sun and a little water to do so. A homely, gnarled, tuberous root can be cut out of the ground, and with proper care, be replanted to turn into a beautiful, majestic canna with a huge wonderous flower! How something so simple or so ugly can, thru the magic of nature, literally blossom into something so amazing!

Working the earth, and planting the seeds, gives one a connection to times past. I wonder about the real farmers, who lived our land generations ago, planting in the same  soil I am now. Those same little seeds were really important to them. The farmers watched for the rain, as I find we are now doing! It gives a new appreciation for where our food comes from, and how it wasn’t always as easy as running to the supermarket for dinner!! At the rate prices are skyrocketing, growing our own food seems like  a pretty good idea now!

Former owners of our land, must have had a great garden! We are only just discovering things that have been there for years. There are at least 2 peach trees, rhubarb, lemon balm, and even grapes. There was a potato patch down by the river, in the flood plain- we will work on that one next year!

This year, in our first real attempt to work the land, we are growing hay, the first round bales already cut and stored away. The vegetable patch  has several varieties of corn, way too many tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, eggplant (with the first tiny  purple eggplant growing by leaps and bounds!), honeydew and watermelon, zucchini, shallots, sweet potatoes, and pantry potatoes. Pantry potatoes are the ones that start growing in your pantry, when you don’t really want them too – so we planted them!! We’ll see if anything comes of them!!!

We also have strawberries, blackberries, rasberries, and a wide variety of herbs. We even tried some carrots in a porch planter – the ground is so hard and rocky, I’m afraid carrots in this garden would be misshapen at best!

It never ceases to amaze me, what life is hidden in tiny, unassuming little seeds.

Well, time to do the nightly check on the garden and the horses.

All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite………………………………