Here are just a few scenes from the river and the fishing pond. The picturesque little pond  belongs to the neighbor, a great peaceful little fishin’ hole!

The rest of the pictures are different views of the river. See if you can spot the tiny fish and tadpoles in the water!

We had 4 inches of torrential rain a couple of days ago, so the little river was high and moving fast! Surprisingly, it was not cold, knee deep in most places, with an occasional deep pocket. We have seen a river snake, having recently shed his skin on the bank, 2 pair of cedar waxwings, who favor the riparian lifestyle, and showed no fear of me, taking turns zooming in front of me, and perching barely 15 feet away. I scared a deer (and she scared me) right out of the shallows behind a bush. When she made it to the other side of the river, in only a few powerful bounds, she was very vocal in her dislike of that “fright”! It is rare to hear deer “speak”, but you won’t forget the sound once you hear it!!

The woodpeckers I hear every morning, are still invisible, but tapping away very near the riverbank.

I did take several videos of the rushing water – very soothing, but unfortunately, the blog would not upload them! It can be so mesmerizing, just staring at the ripples as they move on by, especially if you are standing right in the middle of the river!


Well, we are awaiting the local fire department – they are FINALLY coming to do a practice burn on the old house on our property. Its former owner has already driven down our driveway for one last look, altho he says he won’t be present for the burn. He is in his 80’s and remembers the day he moved out of the house in 1952! It was first his parents house, then his brother’s, now inhabited with wild things- who will be making a fast exit tonite!

Check back in a few days for pix of the burning!

Again, all is well, and hot, at Mountain Meadows tonite……………