The old house on our property is no more. After months of waiting, the fire department had their new piece of equipment to test out. There were two trucks, and one of them weighed 38,000 pounds.  The 750 gallon tank was emptied, before driving up to the old house, so as not to ruin the “lawn”! But, even without the water weight, the truck managed to sink 6 inches into the dirt, and had to be pulled out by our tractor! A little embarrassing! The firemen took the truck down to the river, to refill the tank, sucking up all the tiny fish and tadpoles I’m sure!!!

There was an attempt to save my flowers from the flames by foaming the back of the house that faced the garden and the flowers. It looked like snow in June- very impressive!!

Then, the fire was set, and was a good lesson to all who came to watch, how quickly a small flame can take over a house! The smoke rose high into the sky and left ash at the neighbor’s farm.  The heat was intense, and all was under control. But then, a small part of the tanker truck broke, I’m not sure of the details, but the result was no more water to control the flame. They did the best they could, I lost my mind for a bit and had to leave the scene!!! I am not even a fan of woodstoves, so a fire this big with no water was a little disconcerting!!!!

With no water, the foamed side of the house did not burn as planned, so all my flowers were lost, some of the corn was singed, and about half the tomato plants lost. One little eggplant that was growing, was literally cooked on the front half. I think the corn may make it, and hopefully the flowers will come back next year. Thank goodness the peonies were done for the season!!!

Any critters that lived in the house apparently made it out safely, or at least I hope so. The only one seen, and not by me, was the 6 foot resident black snake who leapt out the upstairs window. He apparently survived,, didn’t see any remants of him anywhere.

The pile of rubble smouldered all night – I could hear popping thru the night as canning jars exploded and who knows what else. I did not get a great night’s sleep! The grass and trees around the old house are charred, and it takes a while to get used to the view with no house in it.

Watching a fire this close, even tho it was a controlled burn, makes you realize how many things can go wrong, how hard the firemen work, and how dangerous it all really is.

We are appreciative of all the firemen did (particularly the guy in charge – who promised to bring me corn to replace the ones I lost!! )

All is well, at Mountain Meadows today, minus one house……………………






This is my favorite picture of the night. My son says this picture reminds him of photos taken by a European artist named Burzum, who apparently is now in jail for arson – he took burned the buildings that he took pictures of!



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