I was responding to an email from a friend and ardent blog reader, and decided that email would be a perfect blog post!

Two posts ago, I wrote about the demise of the old house on our property. It was the “victim” of a practice burn by a local fire department. Folks were wondering how the garden made out in the aftermath!!

So far, so good, as they say! The pile of rubble (formerly the old house) stopped smoldering the first day. The firemen said it could last up to 3 days, so I guess we were lucky!

The charred smell still lingers, but with last night’s heavy rain, the odor is not quite so pungent.

My corn plants are scarred from the fire, but still growing. Where the flowers were, I guess the charred dirt and grass will be like fertilizer – I may just cover the area with topsoil. I can’t rototill it, or the peonies may never come back next year! I discovered the first Queen Anne’s Lace back there, that was just out of reach of the fire’s heat. I have been looking for some to transplant, so I am glad there is one that started here and survived!!

A local guy came by to check out the tin roof and metal debris left over from the fire- he is willing to haul it away, which will save the husband the hassle. Before that happens, I have to go out and cut a few bedsprings off the old bed frame to make a vase or some candle holders. I saw those cute ideas in a magazine – you take a coil, and invert a glass insulator into the coil, and you have a primitive flower vase! I already removed a handle off an old faucet to use in a project -out of the fire, comes new life – so to speak!!! Nothing like “dumpster diving” on your own property!!!

Yesterday, Mr. Green Jeans (aka-the husband) was building a rock wall for the front garden along the porch. He made several trips across the river with the Kubota, and each trip filled the tractor bucket to the brim with some cool, backbreaking mountain rocks. He spent the afternoon, putting the puzzle wall together – no one could help him, because he had a vision of how this was supposed to look! What that man can’t do…………….

I had planned to get out and plant the mint that has been languishing in my garage for way too long – yet, again, another day goes by without that being accomplished!! I also have some dill, arrugula, and lemon basil that needs to be put in a pot or in the ground, and some more tomato cages to buy.

Right near the site of the fire, is a tall tree, around which a real grapevine is growing! I am so excited to have actual grapes!!! Next year, I wanted to put up a trellis for the grapes. I was hoping the vine wasn’t damaged, one vine is a little charred, but it doesn’t appear to be the main trunk. And, those grapes literally go to the TOP of that tree!! The main vine has hugged that tree as far up as it can go, and of course, the grapes growing at the tippy top of the tree are, wouldn’t ya’ know, the largest ones!!! I am going to have to get  a REALLY BIG ladder when those babies are ready to be picked!!

Our second nest of baby cowbirds are starting to leave the nest. I came across one of the babies sitting on a fan in the barn the other night, conversing with his fledgling nestmates! He looked like Kramer from Seinfeld, with just a few tiny down feathers left- protruding out of the sides of his head! I tried to guide him out of the barn, but he flew onto the saddles, and then looked like he might hop behind some other stuff, so I retreated, and let him figure it out on his own! I have a vintage birdhouse on the inner wall of the barn now – so maybe next time, some bird will decide to use it, instead of the space between the stall walls! The son has decided that the one outside wall of the barn makes a great partner in playing a solitary game of tennis- or racquetball! As a result – no bird houses on that wall!!!

Yesterday, while mulling over the events and non events of the day, I made a GREAT pitcher of iced tea. A while back, I had purchased some loose tea from Mrs. Hardesty’s Tea Room (see a previous post on that adventure!) and decided to make a blend of the Buckingham Palace and Raspberry tea leaves. I brewed up a mixture, got out my favorite thrift store find vintage etched crystal tumbler, put some ice in it, and fresh crushed mint leaves- and it was GOOD!!! I must make another batch today!!!


Enjoy these pictures and engage in a game of  “Where’s Waldo?” See if you can spot the tadpoles! These are the ones who were NOT sucked up in the firehose the other night!!! The large ones are bullfrogs, and the small ones are peepers or tree frogs.
Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy the rest of your day.
As always, all is well at mountain Meadows tonite!