……at Mountain Meadows!

The sky is an unending show out here – this was one of the “good” mushroom clouds that day.


We finally got our new sign up – so now we know where we live !!

Frances the Fabulous Ferret came to us thru a rather circuitous route. She was dumped in a church lot, and found on a Sunday, thin and weak, and made her way to the clinic where the daughter works. She brought her home to foster her, and Frances never left!





The electric company helicopter dangling spinning blades to cut tree branches growing too close to power lines. That was a very impressive pilot – it was a very windy day! Never a dull moment around here!



The sight that has almost made me not eat chicken any more!


Windowsill vignette of gerbera daisy and sweet annie with some of my favorite things! 


Down at the fishin’ hole!The front yard has been mowed and baled!!!!

   One of many spiders living amongst the boxes in the garage- look first before you grab!!

The female cowbird stopping by for her breakfast -she is quite shrill if the breakfast bar is empty!


The “moocher” gang – a formidable bunch!



All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite!