Well, our first cut of hay has been cut and baled, and SOLD! this is our first real year of doing this, and looks like it might work!!

The husband planted more seed this year $900 worth!!! But,  as it turned out, he probably didn’t need to, and won’t need to again. The fields came up pretty well on their own, full of timothy, orchard grass and fescue. It makes quite a nice mix for the horses, and for cows.

Our neighbor puts out chicken manure from his chicken houses, and he is the one with the equipment for cutting and baling. He gets the back fields, and round bales the hay for his cows. We get the front and he squares bales half and round bales the rest.                                                                                                  


Below is the hay being flipped.




We had two wagons full of squares!


We got it all in the barn, midday, when it was about 98 degrees out!!! Fortunately, the urban son was there to help (and, yes, ladies, he IS dressed behind that bale of hay!)


Loading our first sale!!


View of the rounds, from the front porch. They are sold, and waiting to be picked up.



Just another day, and all is well at Mountain Meadows………………………….