In a previous post, I talked about burning the old house on our property. The fire smoldered the next day, under the collapsed tin roof, but by the 2nd day was completely out. The acrid burn smell hung in the air for several days tho. The blackened grass and fire singed trees gave the landscape a sad look.

A week later, at the request of the husband, some men came to take the tin roof and metal bed frames, and whatever other metal they could scavenge for recycling. At least we do not have to worry about disposing of that when we get rid of the debris.

When that was done, I spent several hours sifting thru the rubble treasure hunting!!! With thick soled shoes and a metal pole, I was amazed at what survived the fire. The previous owners were hoarders, and had an unbelievable amount of glass jars stashed under the beds and in the closets. Those jars and bottles that were not crushed by the collapse of the building, melted into the most interesting shapes!



The smoldering pile of rubble:



The remains of my lilies and flower garden :>(




Half of my tomatoes did not survive, and this little eggplant showed such promise!!! One half literally cooked!




“Survivors” of the fire! Mudwasp nests, a Dollar Store mug, cast iron skillets, and the bunny!!———————————————————————————————–







It just amazed me what can survive the power of the flame. Who knows what other “treasures”  still await, hidden under the mounds of ash!!!

All is well, at Mountain Meadows, again tonite………………………………..