I thought I would follow up on the previous post about eradicating groundhogs.

I still think they are cute, and always feel bad about having to remove them. Farmers do consider them vermin. It is kind of sad, the animals WERE here first- and it’s always people shoving animals out of their habitat and taking over!!

There is one groundhog, down by the river, who was written about briefly, in a previous post. He or she is old, and does not affect us in any way. I keep the dogs, and the husband away from him/her!

This old groundhog, crossed my path, literally, down by the river, one day last year. He was stumbling around, not bothered by me in the least, literally walking right in front of me! I thought he was not too long for this world, because the usual groundhog reaction to humans is to take off in the opposite direction as fast as their little legs can carry them! The husband did go looking for him, thinking it was ill, but never did find him.

This year, same spot, same slow moving groundhog!  He/she survived the winter, has the same rumpled appearance and still unconcerned about me walking by. So, I figure, he and his dens are no threat to me or the horses- he lives in a heavily wooded area near the riverbank, on a small cliff where horses, tractors, or 4 wheelers wouldn’t be. If he/she has lived this long and survived, he has the right to continue on, without disturbance from me or anyone else!  “His” wooded area is a place I had thought about putting a ‘thinking’ bench, but it appears the old groundhog has already staked a claim to the space!!

I suppose, from a farmer’s point of view, that groundhog would still present a problem, thru its many offspring. They have 2-6 annually, and the little guys are ready to move out on their own in about 6 weeks. So when those babies spread out and dig their own dens – that is a problem!  Hopefully, they will stay on their side of the road, near the river, and won’t be an issue to me or any other landowner in that area!

All is well, and another beautiful, hot day at Mountain Meadows this morning………….