I saw this on another blog this morning- and thought it would be an interesting prompt!!!

Feel free to join in and add your own list of 10!!!



1. First thing this morning, the smell of shallots, from dinner last night, that still lingers in the kitchen.

2. The dog’s breath- was she eating poop again???

3. My mint tea

4. My Burt’s Bees lemon cuticle cream…………

5. The damp earth as the sun burns off the morning dew

6. Fabric softener in the dryer.

7. Cow and chicken manure carried on the breeze from the neighboring farms.

8. Newly sawn boards from the church being built near the front of our driveway.

9. The scent of tomato plants and basil as I  jostle the leaves while watering the porch garden.

10. The horses’ warm scent- a combination of their individual fragrance,  the grasses and night air they absorbed while sleeping, and the pine shavings in their stall.