I went to do my evening check on the horses, and took my berry basket with me. The husband had been out bushhogging the other day, and noticed that the blackberry bushes were up and running!!!

The raspberries have ended, and I thought it was a little too early for ripe blackberries, but there were quite a few! Tonite’s small harvest would have cost me about $5 in the supermarket! Woohoo!!!!

We have berry bushes running  along the horse paddock (about the length of a football field ). There is a wooded  area, where the deer hide, and berry bushes abound!!!

It was about 8:30 pm when I started the search – and I was hoping I could pick by the light of the full moon, but it was too overcast. By 9:00 I had to quit, it was hard to see the berries, and I was NOT about to venture into the dense overgrowth to search for more !! As it was, I was talking to myself, and whoever  might be hiding in the bushes! I did not want any deer jumping out in front of me!  I was also trying to shush my brain, as it kept thinking about stories of bears and snakes hanging around berry bushes! We are, hopefully, too far down the mountain for bears, but snakes…………!!

The horses usually accompany me on these late night forays, walking along on the other side of the fence- they are my companions, serving as a comfort AND an early warning signal, if there should be anything “lurking” in the bushes!!!

My vegetable garden is starting to produce- I gathered the first (of MANY!) zucchini and cucumbers, 3 whole string beans(!) and one pitiful tomato. The corn, watermelon, shallots, sweet and pantry potatoes, and birdhouse gourds should be plentiful, along with the herbs. But, the peppers, okra, eggplant, beans, and my tomato plants did not weather the heat of the fire  too well (see a previous post about the fire), so I will, unfortunately, be buying those from a farmstand this year!

As  today comes to a close, I look forward to having breakfast tomorrow, and enjoying the fruits (literally) of my late night walk!!



All is well, and very, very dark, at Mountain Meadows tonite………………………………………………………………..