My vegetable garden is doing well, after the fire (see previous post). These 6 tiny little cucumber plants, have expanded to almost the full 40 foot width of the garden plot! The bird house gourd plants are even more immense, and are producing rapidly. I will have to get a trellis out there for them to climb!

After the late night berry picking the other night, I was tempted to go check on the vegetable garden, but didn’t. Yesterday, mid day, I went to the garden, and was horrified to see the cucumber plants were wilted and covered in flies! The gourd vines were in almost the same condition!! We don’t have a water source out by the garden yet, but with the rain we’ve had, and the plastic covering the garden, water has not been much of an issue.

It was in the upper 90’s already, probably 110 degrees standing on black plastic! I ran to the house and uncoiled the several hundred feet of garden hose and dragged it the several hundred feet to the garden. After turning off the electric fence, I got out the scissors, cut some more holes in the plastic and started watering like mad!!! All the other plants were fine, but these two vines needed water in a hurry. I shoved the hose under the plastic and let the water flow.

While watering, I noticed a few little piles of bunny poop!! The baby bunny we see around the yard, had found a way to scurry under the fence. That would explain the one string bean plant that was beheaded! Fortunately, the young Mr. Bun did not snack on anything else, but we will have to secure the whole length of the chicken wire again to keep him out! I wouldn’t be doing that just then, because after a half hour of frantically watering the garden, I was about ready to melt away from the heat! I coiled up the hose, hoping for the best, and retreated to the house, the couch and the a/c,  to water myself, with several glasses of ice cold water!

We have quite an assortment of bugs who inhabit the garden, (other than those dreaded flies) mostly good ones, as far as I can tell!! The one pictured succumbed to either the heat or old age, and was found on one of the vines’ broad leaves, his final resting place.


Later that evening, when the temps were alot more bearable, I checked back on the garden, and was thrilled to see the vines had perked up almost 100 per cent. The husband did another watering session, and I guess if we don’t get the rain promised, I will keep a closer eye on things, and keep that length of hose stretched out and ready to go!

All is well at Mountain Meadows today, and we are hopin’ for rain……………………………!!