Last night, the rain finally arrived with a vengeance! At about 11:30pm, the wind started whistling past the house (which is always a bit unnerving!), then walls of rain slammed into the front of the house with such force! The lightening preceded the storm by an hour. We do get some hellacious storms out here – but since we are surrounded by mountains, we are somewhat protected- altho it doesn’t sound like it!

It was raining most of the night and today, for which my garden is very grateful !! I just went out to check the rain gauge, and it had tipped over and washed down the garden!  I would say we had close to two inches since last night. I can hear the river flowing, that’s a sure sign.

A lot of indoor chores got accomplished today, well, maybe not ALOT- and I made some berry preserves with the 3 lbs of berries we picked the other night!!! I froze some for future fruit smoothies- mmmm!

The husband and I went out the other night, after I had picked my first harvest- he was needed to get the berries that were beyond my reach. With him along, I got a little more adventurous, and we followed the bushes into the woods thru the deer trails. We found the motherload of berries, near where the deer bed down. I was also excited to discover another patch of grape vines! My new Ball Blue Book of Preserving is going to get alot of use this year!

Surprisingly, after an hour and a half in the woods, I had no ticks on me, altho I was itching all night, sure there was one crawling around!

All is well, and well saturated, at Mountain Meadows tonite!