I awaken every morning with stories fighting to get to the forefront inside my head.

As quickly as they are there, they are gone, if I can’t get to a pen or the computer! They disappear into the cobwebby caverns of my brain. My brain enters an aphasic-like state!! Sad, but true………………

But, today, the story was saved!!!

This morning, I was thinking about setting up my new little antiques shoppe, (YAY!) , which lead me to think of the old shop, which naturally segued to “other wordly” encounters in my life! A natural progression in my overactive mind, since the antique shop I rented a room in, had a resident spirit. That, in turn, reminded me of another experience in the early 70’s.

The antique shop was two older buildings combined, in the downtown historic district. The history of the building was posted for all to see, and I loved that old house! Nothing unusual ever happened while I was there, altho the cleaning people had mentioned the feeling of someone being in the room with them at night. One day, I was left in the shop alone, and was looking for some small envelopes. I searched the desk and all the cubbies, more than once. I called the owner, to see where she kept stuff, and still didn’t find any. I was frustrated, and out loud commented- “How hard is it to find a small envelope?” I was standing at the register, about 10 feet and a wall away from the desk, when I heard a resounding smack behind me. I turned and peered around the wall, and there on the desk was a packet of small envelopes- that had literally come out of nowhere and hit the desk!!! They were NOT in the desk earlier, I had checked several times. I politely thanked whoever put them there – but did NOT go upstairs later that night to turn off all the lights at closing!!! Yup, I’m a chicken!!!

Years earlier, while staying with friends in a gorgeous old victorian, complete with tower in the attic, they would regale us with stories of their resident ghost. There were rumours that someone had hung themself in one of the rooms upstairs, but those kind of stories seem to “haunt” old houses! One evening, we were sitting around the table, and I thought I felt Artie’s cat Marmalade brush by my feet, and then run behind my back on the chair. While I was looking behind and under the table for her, Artie walked out of the kitchen holding Marmalade, who was with him the whole time! Apparently, this was not an unusual occurance, along with heavy, solid wood doors opening and closing on their own, and kitchen cabinets doors being opened whenever someone left the room. One night, the last night I ever stayed there alone, I was in the guest room, on a heated waterbed (this was the early 70’s!), and awoke suddenly feeling cold and unable to get out of the bed! This scared me – ALOT- I ran to the top of the stairs and called the dog – who usually slept in the room, but that night, would not come up the stairs. Not being a very brave sort – I left in a hurry!!!! Sadly, that great old Victorian was razed several years later to make room for yet another parking lot.

Those unexplained phenomena, and things like knowing who’s gonna be on the phone before you answer it, or having a feeling something will happen and then it  does, just  make life a little more interesting!!! Altho, you won’t catch me staying overnight in any supposed haunted houses any time soon!!!


Coincidence and intuition are just a tap on the shoulder…………………………….


All is well, and calm, at Mountain Meadows tonite