I just happened to notice, while checking my apron contest (which ends at 5pm est TODAY-see August 8th post to ENTER!), that THIS is my 100th post!!! Who’da thunk it, when I stepped into the kingdom of blogdom, 6 months ago, that I’d get to a milestone where I’ve written 100 posts??!!?? It is both addictive, and satisfying, and has opened up a world of new friends, who appear to enjoy what I write about – ’cause they keep coming back!!! Thank you!!

To celebrate the 100th post – I am having a mini GIVEAWAY, along with the big APRON GIVEAWAY, which will end at the same time today- 5pm est. I figured, why not!!!

I will be giving away an original zentangle-that will be created today. I have pictured 2 of my others below, just to give you an idea of what you’re in for, if you win (LOL)- there are more of mine pictured on an early blog post, and on my friend Patty’s blog (http://www.bitze.wordpress.com) . Patty is REALLY good at zentangling and all kinds of altered art, by the way!!!

So, comment below, thanks for checking in, and I hope my next 100 posts will be as interesting for everyone!!!


The day is just starting, it’s foggy and a tad bit chilly out, and I see two of the resident rabbits out  back trimming the clover for me. All is well at Mountain Meadows this morning……………………………

A  cheery postscript for this birth day……………..”So, unless we die prematurely, we have no choice about entering old age.”……………Jane Sigloh, Like Trees Walking