Good morning!!!!
Good morning!!!!

Awakened at 4am by a worrisome thought now forgotten, my still tired brain began thinking. Slowly at first, the thoughts flowed. Unable to turn them off, I was forced to get out of bed!


It’s a little after 5am- still dark outside. The crickets are still harmonizing their soothing hum. The hounds have started their early morning wake up call! Back in our former ‘sub-urban’ world, dogs barking would result in an irate word or three from a neighbor, or a visit from the cops!  Here in the country, it’s just a part of nature’s backround music!


The hounds are the alarm clock for the cows, who alert the sun, who awakens the local roosters and stirs the wild bird population.


As soon as the sun’s morning rays start to peek from behind the mountains, the woodpecker will start his noisy and rhythmic search for breakfast, the mourning doves will coo, and the trees will murmur with the sounds of feather rustling as the birds who slept within the trees sheltering branches awaken.

Soooo, at 4:45 in the morning, what else is there to do but to hunker down in front of the computer, with a cup o’ tea!


This post was inspired by a newsletter from a recently discovered blog- The Altered Page.

Artists (my friend Patty is one – ) were invited to share things they collect- and what a WIDE variety of collections there are!!!


I am relieved to know that I am not the ONLY one living in a sea of debris (to coin a phrase from a non artist friend!), artistic tho it may be!!!!


So, even if you are SANE and only collect ONE thing, please comment and let us know what you collect!


Here’s my short list:

I Covet and Collect:

*online friends




*hand thrown pottery mugs



*books and magazines

*bones and feathers



*vintage gold framed mirrors

*homeless animals

*flotsam and jetsam


Have I left anything out? Definitely! – but this list is subject to change. Collections are a constant ebb and flow, just like life…………………………………..


All is well and RAINING at Mountain Meadows today – and the hay fields and I are very grateful for that………………………………………..