What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything?~~~~~~~~~Vincent van Gogh

I spent an hour or two this morning blog jumping!! I did not intend to, but one blog led to another, which led to another, and you know how it goes!!!!

I found sooooo many cool art blogs, from the US, to Germany, to Australia to the UK. In the next few days, some of my favorite links will end up on my blogroll. This all started from Seth’s great newsletter linking artists, which can be found @ http://www.thealteredpage.blogspot.com  Like I need more distractions to keep me on the computer!!!

I started out looking for recipes – I picked 4 lbs of grapes the other day, and last night canned 13 jars!!! I think I FINALLY perfected the amount of pectin needed to make the jelly truly jell-like!! My last batch was delicious, but a little too liquidy. Tastes delicious – if I do say so myself – and it is great on toast and pancakes, despite it’s less than perfect consistancy! I was looking online for a recipe for dolmades – so I could use some of the grape leaves. I would love to make a bunch up and freeze them for over the winter. Next project – a bigger freezer – we have already run out of room!!!

Then I was online looking to identify some trees – I usually grab a branch of the plant in question, and run down to the corner store. The woman who works there is a fountain of info on plants- but she doesn’t work on weekends!!! So, it’s back online we go!!!

Every morning, I have to check my blog, my email, my eBay store, and respond to any inquiries – and here we still are, a few hours later!!! Sometimes, power outages can be a blessing – I can then pursue other things in life- away from the computer!!!!!!! Oh, right, we have a generator…………..!!!

My daughter and I were supposed to go for a ride with the horses this morning- but she couldn’t get moving, so of course,  I filled the time on the computer.

By the time she was semi ready – it was too hot, there were too many flies, the ride was postponed. I baby my horses – don’t believe in making them work when it’s too hot for me, and they are already catnapping in the barn under the fans!!!Daughter and the husband went out for a ride last night – to check out the fields we used to ride in, only to find one of the fields has been rented out and is now a corn field, with no safe passage  anymore thru to the woods and the trails. The only other way to get to the trails, is thru the other neighbor’s cow pasture. My horse is fine with cows, the old man is definitely NOT fine with cows!!! On hunts, he would blend into the middle of the running herd, just to get away from the bovine horrors. The only thing more “evil” than a cow, is an alpaca!! So, trying to ride past cows with only two horses is not always easy. There is ‘safety’ in numbers – LARGE numbers- in the old man’s mind!!!! We will have to work on this !! But, hunting season will be starting in another 2 months- and then riding in the woods is out of the question.

It is already September 1st, summer has gone by so quickly. I find myself  counting the days – maybe that is part of getting older- I don’t want the days to pass so quickly!!! Too much to do – not enough time!!!! And, since reading these artist blogs (again, thanks Seth and Patty!) I am feeling the urge to get back into the artsy part of my life!!!!

Since this post is sort of a disjointed ramble – it stands to reason the accompanying pictures should be the same. A post is not complete unless it has pictures!!!

Here is a little bit of everything – scenes from the life:

Scenes from the Fulks Run Ruritan celebration that happens just 2 miles down the road from me.

Ruritan's 4th of July Celebration




Local frog just hangin' out under my eaves!

Local frog just hangin

Our little section of the Shoemaker River after a rain:
This sunrise is for you – Judy of http://www.apronstringsandothertiesthatbind.wordpress.com . Thanks for my award!!!! Now I have to figure out how to put it on my blog!!!
The nasty cow grate that prevents us from meandering down this scenic road on horseback (not to mention the cows and their calves that wander free there!!!)
These are now yummy jelly!!!
All is well at Mountain Meadows today…………………………………………………………….