I took a walk with 2 of our 4 dogs yesterday. They love to walk to the river, as do I, and when the water level is low, we tiptoe precariously across the slippery algae covered rocks to get to the other side. Only one of my 4 dogs is an avid swimmer. The others look upon the river as a curiousity, a large water bowl, or a necessary evil to conquer to get to the other side!

We passed deer in the bushes, hummingbirds overhead, and bees at every flower patch. We even met up with a boy on a bicycle-these dogs have never encountered a bike before- much less with a small human on it – but that will be a whole other story!!!!

When I took the dogs back home, I got my camera and retraced our steps- there is a huge paper wasp nest (at least that is what I call it!) midway down the river, hanging from a tree on the bank. It is actually larger than a basketball!! I did get a few shots, just before my camera battery died, but may have to get brave sometime soon, and wade in for a closer shot!! It is very impressive work, these little winged creatures putting together this massive nest! Unfortunately, I don’t have a zoom lens and it was getting dark, so the photo is not great. From across the river, I could see the little inhabitants entering and leaving the nest!



Looking at my house thru the trees


My hyacinth beans are blooming!!!!!


All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite……………………………………………..