I have been waiting all summmer to pick this watermelon!! I picked one earlier in the year, weighing in at 15 lbs, and it was not ready to be picked. I discovered later, that these watermelons are called Black Diamond, have a dark green skin, and range in size from 30-50 pounds!! Yikes!!!!

I had to get the husband to carry it in, since I would only be able to roll it up the hill! He also had to carve it up!! It was really delicious and so sweet! There is nothing like the first bite of watermelon-I haven’t had any this year, ’cause I was waiting for mine to grow!!! So this was the first bite of the season and it was gooooood!!!!

There are so many seeds in this type of watermelon, and I have about 6 more melons on the vine.

I sliced it, ate, froze and refrigerated it- and gave some away!!! I have run out of space in the freezer!!!

I am putting the empty melon “shells” out near the woods for the deer and other critters, and hope that next year some seeds will sprout, and the woodland creatures will share some of the  watermelons with me!!!

All is well at Mountain Meadows today…………………………..


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