A dear friend and faithful reader commented on how much I must have learned this first year of gardening on the “new” property.

I did, in fact, learn quite a bit, and there is still soooo much more to learn!

I learned that I definitely need a big freezer!!! And, more shelves in the pantry – just for the canning jars!

I now know:

*Never again plant birdhouse gourds! I’ll be drying them all winter, and either turning them into birdhouses, painting them, or being totally overwhelmed and selling or giving them away!!! LOL

*Tomatoes DON’T do well if they have been exposed to fire, extreme hot weather, or are surrounded by weed reducing black plastic! And, the local hardware store’s tomato cages were waaay too flimsy- don’t buy there next year!

*Corn CAN withstand the heat of a house fire- and still be prolific and delicious! And a little mineral oil on the silk, will keep those tiny black bugs away!

*Bunnies eat your beans, and the tops off potato vines and shallots, despite your best efforts AND an electric fence! Looser soil is better for these plants- it’s not gonna be fun digging them out of this hard, rocky soil!!

*Only plant ONE zucchini plant- and even that may be too many!! Check them daily, they explode into massive 10 pounders overnite!!

*I may never figure out how much pectin it takes to make a batch of grape jelly gel- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t! It’s all delicious, no matter what the consistancy!

*One can NEVER have too many grapes or blackberries!! MMMMMM!! But, more protective covering is needed while picking blackberries- too many invisible thorns get under your skin!

*Also, only plant one cucumber plant – there’s just so many jars of pickles and relish one can have!

*Aprons are very handy for carrying in all the vegetables you didn’t expect to find, when you forgot to bring your gathering basket with you!!

*One pepper plant of each kind is more than enough, unless you are heavily into salsa or other hot stuff!

*Plant more root plants next year – carrots, radishes, etc.

*Now that the garden is established, plant earlier, as soon as the frost is gone- and next year, lettuces, spinach, and broccoli when it’s time!

*READ the label, BEFORE buying that watermelon plant! A 50 lb watermelon is impossible for me to get out of the patch by myself!

*Learn more about preserving herbs – other than drying- for use over the winter!

*Don’t forget to plant pumpkins next year!!!

*A little farm stand might be a good idea next year………………………………………..


I have also gained TREMENDOUS respect for those farm wives who have gone before us, who HAD to do all this and much, much more, to feed their families!


All is well at Mountain Meadows today, and very, very hot!!!!!!