I am about 3 posts behind on my blog, because we had company! That is unusual for us, but my brother and his family came for a visit- first time in about 4 years!!

They flew in to Nashville, from California, then drove up to see us. An 8 or 9 hour drive took about 14 hours, because there was just so much to see along the way!!!

My older nephew, is 17, and was thrilled to be here -he is a Civil War re enactor- and what better place to absorb all that history but Virginia! He is a Union soldier, but I think we have swayed his allegiance to south of the Mason-Dixon line and the Confederacy! One of our NY ancestors was a Zouave, in the Union Army, who lost an arm at Gettysburg.  My mother had a ceramic Zouave figure that was my great grandmother’s (I think) that now belongs to the nephew!!!

There was a long list of places Christopher wanted to see, Gettysburg being one of them! But, since there was a limited amount of time, they decided to tour Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, New Market Battlefield,  some cemetaries with mid 1800’s interment dates, and stopped at all the historical markers along the way!

Union soldier and ‘his’ mount in enemy territory!

The daughter took him for a trail ride in some of the same woods probably tramped thru by C.W. soldiers over 140 years ago.

This young ‘soldier’ is also a gifted sculptor, master of special effects, and altho a natural talent, is apprenticing with one of Hollywood’s top special effects artists.


Sean is the 15 year old – shown here, claimed by my Sunny, as “his” boy for the week!!! I am sure the historical part of this trip wasn’t all that interesting for Sean, not being the history buff his brother is. Sean is a videographer, filmmaker and future Steven Spielberg! He has some 60+ shorts (some VERY short- don’t blink!) on youtube. His Batman trailer is a definite must see!! Sean spent some time filming our Frances the Fabulous Ferret- who will be appearing sometime soon on youtube, with a Chaplin-esque soundtrack as backround for her antics!! Sunny has a very brief cameo in the video, as he attempted to get into the room and at our little starlet Frances!!! If not for the quick action of Uncle Bill – this video might have quickly become a snuff film!!!



The boys’ mom, Jean, is a singer, and she made good use of her time after landing in Nashville!!  www.myspace.com/jeanniewillets

My brother is the only one without a web page, but he is the glue that keeps this riotous group together!!!

We also visited my favorite spot in town, the local post office. Small and unassuming, it reminded my brother of the small post office near his home, in Montrose, California.  Altho similar in its plain cinderblock exterior, all similarity ends once you walk in the door of Fulks Run Post Office! Here, all its personality can be found behind the counter, in the form of our local postmaster!!! He did not fail me, entertaining all with his local lore and witticisms (some of which will show up in future posts!)! The postmaster and his wife, a 5th grade teacher at Fulks Run Elementary School, are the nicest folks ever!!!

Then, it was on to the Fulks Run Grocery, home of the famous Turner Ham, for some last minute gift shopping and sandwiches for the road.

All too soon, the visit was over! The air mattresses were deflated, the bags packed, and Sunny was moping around with a very dejected look on his face. It was time for all to drive back to Nashville and catch their flight back to LA. A great time was had by all, and we all hope it won’t be another 4 years before they get to come back again!!!

All is well, if a little quiet, at Mountain Meadows this Sunday afternoon………..


“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”—–George Santayana   (thanks, Lennie!)