October 2008

                                              HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!



All is well, and frostbitten, on this Halloween morn, at Mountain Meadows today…………..

I discovered this neat blog today – and even tho this is usually done on a Monday, I can’t wait!!!!
FOR TODAY (October 29, 2008, Wednesday)…
Outside My Window…the wind is blowing
I am thinking…what should I do next!
I am thankful for…every day
From the kitchen…comes the smell of CLEAN! All the dishes are done and put away!
I am wearing…de rigueur jeans, sweater and boots
I am creating…more blog posts!
I am going…out to the barn, to check on the “”guys” and remove blankets
I am reading…and just finished ” Bergdorf Blondes”- definitely NOT about simple women!
I am hoping…I can mentally relax today!
I am hearing…the blue jays complaining about their lack of sunflower seeds on the railing!
Around the house…I am most at ease.
One of my favorite things…sunshine
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:subject to change at any moment!
Here is picture thought I am sharing:
All is well at Mountain Meadows today- the sun is shining!!!


……in someone else’s field!!!!!

Some days, when ya’ think it’s kinda boring, and nothin’ is goin’ on………….BAMM!!!!

Before she left for school, I had the daughter throw the horse blankets into the van, so I could take them out to the barn last night. I was heading out at about 6:15pm to let ‘the boys’ have their daily grazing time outside the paddock. I was alot later than usual, because I got involved in listening to Obama’s speech at JMU (but that’s for another post).

When I got to the barn, I could see the horses, frozen like statues, on high alert, staring out at the green hay fields. I glanced over to see what caught their attention. There were COWS in my field!!!

My neighbor was running around, on foot, trying to round them up, so I drove the van across the field to see if I could help! I was praying my tires wouldn’t get caught up in one of the monster groundhog holes in the field! Not exactly a 4 wheel drive, my van (as written about in another post!) has become a multi purpose vehicle over the years!! Last nite, it seemed, it was going to become a quad or a cutting horse on wheels!!!

Our neighbor was doing her best, but was a little outnumbered by about 10 determined cows, including 2 adorable calves, who were going to eat this luscious green grass, no matter what anyone said!! I am no cow expert, but there were Angus, and an adorable calf who was either a Charolais or Simmental blend.

So, I circled the van around, the neighbor on one side, I on the other, and we began tightening the circle of cows.  We tried to get them to move toward the opening in the trees, and head them back across the road to their pasture! I have herded horses before, but cows are a little more determined, I think!!!

We got soo close, and her husband showed up on the 4 wheeler as one cow broke away, and they started to scatter. I would drive the van along side the herd, and one would look right up in the window of the van, and look me in the eye, as if she was daring me to make her move!! Which, of course, we did!!

It probably took  about 20 minutes, but, the humans were victorious!! The cows were herded thru the opening in the trees, and ran back across the road to their own property!  I had a great time- I’m not so sure the cows’ owners did. I could have never done all the running around on foot, like my neighbor was doing!!! The versatility of my old Toyota van was again displayed- and I managed to avoid all the groundhog holes!!!

I went back to my barn to blanket the horses – the weatherman was predicting a drop in temps, possible flurries, and over the state line in WVA, up to 7 inches of snow! Both horses were both in a state of high alert – the ‘old man’  looks upon cows as mutant creatures – and the fact that they were in HIS field, had pretty much put him over the edge!

The temperatures were dropping and he was totally lathered up – his shaggy winter coat was dripping. They were both running the fence line and probably had been for at least an hour. I couldn’t let them out to graze, because in this state of mind – they would take off and I’d never see them again!!!

I caught John, and took him back to his stall- and each time I put him in, he would whirl around, pushing me aside, and blast out the door. It took 4 attempts, and I finally won- he would circle and paw the ground and try to intimidate me- which he is usually good at- due to the difference in our sizes!!  He finally  acquiesced, lowering his head, licking his lips, and staying where I placed him!!  I was proud of myself, I finally showed Prince John who was boss!

Now, to get the ‘old man’ , who was beside himself, still worrying about those cow monsters! I did finally get him in – the lure of food, and the fact that his buddy was already inside helped!

Then, it was time for what I like to call – the blanket dance!!! Ordinarily, blanketing is a non issue! Last night, was a different story! I would have let it go, but since the old man was drenched, and I baby my ‘babies ‘- they got their lightweight blankets on!  I  was the victor in the blanket dance!

It crossed my mind, later, that I was the only one home during all this excitement! Altho we have an intercom in the barn for emergencies, there would have been no one home to hear me, if I needed them!

It was nice to know, I CAN handle things alone, if need be. Had the husband been home, he would have taken over everything- and most times, I am fine with that! But, I would have never had fun herding cows, and would never have showed Prince John who was boss!!!

When the husband got home from working the Obama detail, we walked out to the barn to check on the ‘babies’. They were a bit calmer – but still in position, staring over the fence, ready to flee, if those monster intruders were to return!!!

To be sure – an exciting night was had by all !!!!!!!

Simmental calf like the cutie in my field!


All is well, chilly, calm, and cow free at Mountain Meadows this morning!



Something inspires the only cow of late

To make no more of a wall than an open gate…………Robert Frost


There’s nothing very beautiful and nothing very gay

About the rush of faces in the town by day;

But a light tan cow in a pale green mead,

That is very beautiful, beautiful indeed……………Little Things, Orrick Johns  1887

Someone near and dear to me, told me, albeit a bit tongue in cheek, he knows it is going to be a good day, when his tie dimple is perfect! I guess that is somewhat akin to a woman having a good hair day!!

I have no idea how to tie a tie- but the aforementioned GQ-er has apparently perfected the art!  When making a first impression, how the tie sits between the collar, where the sleeves on the jacket reach, the break in the pants cuff, pocket square or not, are just as important to the male fashionista (or would that be fashionist-O ? ), as the right  outfit, shoes and purse are for the woman.

I must confess though, I had never heard of a dimple in a tie before – cheeks or chin, yes- but tie?  Nope!

I guess since moving out to the country, and becoming a tad bit older, my priorities have changed. I don’t have to make an impression in the business world any more! I don’t care what the Joneses or Smiths are wearing or driving. Well, maybe I do, a little, but they live too far away from me for it to matter much anymore!!!

My fashion statement lately consists of which pair of jeans will I wear today – the ones I don’t care about if the dogs get mud on them or if I slip in the creek, or the ones I wear to town! I still fix my hair and hope for that good hair day, and still put on some makeup! Out here, a good hair day lasts until I walk out the door – and the wind from the mountain just has a field day with all that primping and combing I just did!! I have never been a wash and wear, roll out of bed and hit the ground running kind of gal. But, I HAVE eased up quite a bit!!! I gave up the manicures about 6 months before the move to the boonies. I am weaning myself off years of Mary Kay, Este Lauder and Lancome, and am experimenting with the wonderful organic skin preserving products of Burt’s Bees! MK and genetics have preserved me thus far – now it’s time to try something a little more natural!!

I still flip thru People Magazine, GQ, Oprah, Elle, and Vogue – just to keep up on what is going on in the world of high fashion. And, I do have the much beloved “near and dear one” to advise me and keep me from making a fashion faux pas when I do venture out in the urban and stylish public!

I am just happy to be where I am in my life and happy to be able to learn something new every day. And, today, I learned what a tie dimple is!!!!!

All is well, chilly, and fashion free at Mountain Meadows tonite…………………………………………………….

I would love to claim credit for this photo – but I can’t!!! It is just a random photo from the internet.

We have a resident pair of hawks who hang around our property. I can never get close enough to get a good picture, but did get to watch one for the first time this morning, thru my living room window!!

The dogs alerted me to an ‘intruder’ outside – and at first, I saw nothing. But as my eyes went skyward – there was the “intruder” sitting on the electrical wire- one of a pair of large beautiful hawks who have been hanging around since last year.

It is most likely a red tailed hawk- pictured above. it is kind of hard to tell- because he is always on the wire when the sun is shining in my eyes! When either of the two sit on the posts in the paddock, they are too far away for me to get a good look.

 He (or she) watched the grass intently this morning, and then did swoop down and catch something. He ate, then resumed his perch a little farther down on the wire.

The blue jays are a constant irritant, swooping and dive bombing him – but apparently they are not on his breakfast menu!! He is more interested in the mice, voles, and other things crawling thru the tall grass!

I have heard the pair in the woods along the river. When the trees are bare, I will have to walk along the riverbank and see if I can spot a nest!

The hawks’ presence will make it difficult for me to have free range chickens – unless I can convince the husband to built a cozy little coop and  fence! Any free ranging would have to be done under my watchful eye- altho I doubt I would be any match for a swooping hawk!!!

I will have to keep watch in the mornings now, for the hawk pair to be ‘working’ the wire for their breakfast!

All is well, now that the fog and frost has burned off, at Mountain Meadows this morning!


I love and collect pottery – and just have to let everyone know about my friend’s pottery show and sale coming up!!

If you are in the northern Va area – it’s not to be missed!! It’s great salt fired stoneware, functional with some great art pieces, in a wide range of prices. The drive there is picturesque, his property is beautiful, and he and his wife are the nicest folks! And, they serve great snacks!!!!



17642 Canby Rd.

Leesburg, Va 20175



SAt, Nov 15 – 10am-4pm

Sun Nov 16 12 noon-4pm

Saturdays, Nov 22 – Dec 20  noon-4pm


Tell them Pat said hi!!!!!

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