Not too long ago, we did our last cutting of hay on the front of our property.  In order to get denser hay bales, the chute was not used. The chute tosses the tied squares into the hay wagons for easier transport. Soo, that meant we had 425 bales of hay on the front property that had to be picked up, stacked and stored!

This didn’t seem like a huge undertaking to us, the neophyte farmers! Little did we know….!!!

Since I am physically unable to toss bales onto a moving wagon, I was the designated driver- which was scary enough!!!! I got the hang of it after a while, circling the grounds at 1.8 mph. I figured that to be the exact speed for the husband and duaghter to be able to walk, grab and toss at a steady pace- even tho they kept encouraging me to go faster!!!

I have to admit, as the cart got heavier, I became a tad bit terrified, on a curve, or driving up the hill. I had to increase the speed to get it up the incline! At one point, I discovered, that the husband had forgotten to tell me which of the pedals was the brake!!! I had only driven this tractor a few times last year. I did get the hang of it, and had, by far, the easiest job that day!!

Fortunately, it was an overcast day, otherwise the heat of the sun would have been brutal. It took the better part of the day, filling 2 hay wagons. The next day we had customers come to pick up their bales, and then we unloaded the borrowed hay carts into the barn, and the garage!!!! Since we don’t have a pole barn yet, our hay is stacked in our empty third stall, and tack room in the barn. We had so much hay, the overflow was stacked in the garage! We will definitely need that pole barn next year, with at least 3 cuttings of square bales planned.

We have also decided next year we will be HIRING 2 young guys to pick up the bales out of the field and stack them!! We started farming late in life, and are getting too old for this!

But it is a feeling of accomplishment, seeing all those bales stacked – and a feeling of appreciation for people who have been doing this for a living in years past and now!!! It is hard work!!!


Half done!


OOOOPS!! Occasionally, something gets caught in the baler. Sadly, it might be a fawn hiding in the tall grass, or a groundhog. In this case, it was a young snake- we only removed the lower half – the other part will be a surprise in a bale somewhere!


Stacking the overflow in the garage- this will amuse friends of mine who have NEVER seen a car in any of my garages!!!!!


The haying is done for the season. The neighbor will be bringing chicken manure from his chicken houses to fertilize the fields, and next year the process will start all over again!


All is well at Mountain Meadows today…………………