Night before last, here at the base of the mountains, we had our first REALLY cold night!!!! It was in the mid 20’s- I had not listened to the weather report, so it caught me a little off guard!

My lilacs, rosemary, and one other herb whose name escapes me at the moment, survived the cold. Everything else is a wilted mess…..!!! I had so many dahlia blooms, if I  had been more aware of impending frost, I would have cut them and brought them in!  Fortunately, I had brought in a pot of mint, and some Italian Basil the other night. When I take the seeds off the wilted hyacinth bean vines that are wrapped around my porch columns, I’ll be replacing them with cornstalks from the garden. There’s nothing like having your own cornstalks for holiday decorations!!!

Yesterday, I managed to salvage a bucket of veggies from the garden. Some green tomatoes, ramps, a handful of green beans, and the last of the eggplants were frost free!

I decided to see if any of the sweet potatoes were ready. I figured out why farmers recommended that potatoes be planted in sandy soil! When I stuck the shovel into our rock hard dirt to search for potatoes, invariably, I would cut a large potato in half!!!! There were a couple of sweet potatoes close to the surface, and I did mange to get a few with out damaging them!! There are many more underground to dig out!!!

Next year, I’ll be on my hands and knees, diggin’ taters out of sandy soil!!!!

Today, we are picking persimmons! I was told to wait for one or two frosts, and then they will be ripe for picking. I have never tasted a persimmon, but am told they make great pies or jam.  Unfortunately, picking persimmons entails getting in the bucket of the tractor, and being raised higher in the air than I am comfortable with! So, we will be enlisting the daughter’s assistance- and sticking her in the bucket – I hope!!!

The grass in the horses’ paddocks is pretty much brown at this point, while the surrounding hay fields are  still a vivid green. Quite a lovely contrast, but that means every day now, we will be taking the horses out to graze in the open fields. I usually take them out one at a time, to prevent running off if something scares them!

The older guy demands greener pastures now – he head butts the gate whenever we are out there, letting his feelings be known!  Hopefully, he has realized he is not as young as he used to be, and won’t try to jump the fence to greener pastures, as was his habit at the old boarding barn!

We are still learning what the different trees on our property are. There is a tree near the persimmon trees, that is still unidentified. Here is a picture – if anyone out there knows what this is – please let me know – while we are up in the bucket – we might as well pick that “fruit” too – if it is edible!!! The fruit is brown almost pear colored and small- haven’t been able to find it online – and can’t reach the fruit (without the tractor bucket) to take one into the local farm co-op for identification!!

Well, time to get busy…………………….


All is well at Mountain Meadows on this fine fall day…………………………………..