I have never had persimmon jelly, or persimmon anything, for that matter!!

We discovered that we have several persimmon trees on the property, and were told we should wait til there have been one or two frosts before we pick the berries.

If you pick them too soon – they don’t taste too good – and are very hard.

We had two nights of frost in a row, and the fruit started to get soft and shrivel.

Soooo, the daughter was elected, or appointed, to be the one to go up in the bucket of the tractor, to pick the berries that were, for the most part, out of reach! I stood on the ground, showing her where to go. We picked them later in the day, so of course, the 5 o;clock sun was shining right in our eyes the whole time!

We got about 3 lbs, before the daughter called it quits!! The rest of the berries were too high up – the bucket was getting a little unsteady at that height! I give her credit tho – the only time I was hoisted up in the bucket, I was practically cowering in the bottom- I don’t do heights well!!! I had never even tasted the persimmons, but this batch was going to be made into jelly! If it turned out well, we’d worry about how to get the rest of the fruit out of the trees!!

While I was watching tv last night, I broke the stems and leaves off each and every fruit, bagged the fruit and stuck them in the refrigerator .

We pulled all the canning equipment out today and started the boiling process. The daughter helped – and mashing the berries was really a pain!!! They have large pits, and don’t really mush up as well as grapes or blackberries. But, we got thru it, and got out our old fashioned berry reamers, and mushed all the pulp.

For all that work – all we got were the 3 jars pictured!!!  I did taste it – it does have a distinct flavor all its own! Someone told me it  makes your lip stick to your teeth – and it does!! Very weird!!!

I think we will pass on picking the rest of the persimmons this year. We’ll work on a better picking system for next year. Or, maybe use the fruit in a cake or something other than jelly!

Next project – the buckets of walnuts we’ve been gathering!! First, they have to have the husks removed, then sit and dry for a month. I guess they will join the birdhouse gourds that are drying on pallets in my garage!!! It’s always something!!!!!!!

All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite…………………


“Believe” and “Joy” have always been my 2 favorite words. If you believe, you will have joy- in some form……………………………………..P. McNally

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permisssion to do the same.”———————————————————-Nelson Mandela